Brazilian Zone Treatment $90/80*Up-Keep

Perfect the look of your Bikini Line with the Brazilian Zone Treatment! This service is great for clients who have been waxing or shaving- Recommended for clients who get full Brazilian Waxes. Your Treatment begins with a Brazilian Wax, followed by the Exfoliating Glycolic Toner. Ingrown hairs will now be removed by extraction, followed by the anti bacterial High Frequency Treatment to reduce any lasting inflammation to rid the follicles of any bacteria. We then apply Brightening Lotions & an antibacterial Heal & Conceal cream. Featuring products from

Body Microdermabrasion $70/30 min

This Treatment can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and break outs- almost anywhere on the body! Your skin will be cleansed, then Microderm will be performed to smooth skin. A hydrating and lightening cream solution will be applied to hydrate & treat. Sunscreen & moisturizer are recommend for daily use post treatment. Booked by body area; Back (30 mins), Arms (30 mins), Legs (30min-1Hr), etc. Please specify what areas you'd like while booking. We will only do 2 areas in 1 session, sessions are best done 2-3 weeks apart for visible results. 

IPL Hair Reduction $By Area

  • IPL is only for Fair to Light Skin Clients, the best candidate is light skin with dark hair. IPL is used to target hair at the follicle, slowing growth rate and eventually, stopping hair growth.

  • Check HERE to see more information about IPL & if it is safe and right for you. 

Back Cleansing Treatment $60/45 min

Skin problems aren't only for the Face! In this Back Treatment, your Technician will Cleanse, Scrub, & Massage your full back! Notice softer, clearer skin right away.

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