Brazilian Zone Treatment $90|80* Up-Keep/30-45 min

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

Perfect the look of your Bikini Line with the Brazilian Zone Treatment! Your Treatment begins with a Brazilian Wax, followed by an Exfoliating Glycolic Toner. Ingrown hairs will then be removed by extraction, followed by the anti-bacterial High Frequency Treatment to reduce any lasting inflammation to rid the follicles of any bacteria. Brightening & anti-bacterial lotions are then applied to reduce the future ingrown hairs. 

Back Beautification Treatment $100/45 min

Add a Peel $40

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

This Treatment can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and break outs- almost anywhere on the body! Your back will skin be thoroughly cleansed, then a full-back Microdermabrasion will be performed to smooth and polish skin. Next, a purifying clay mask, and a cupping massage is performed to tone & tighten. A hydrating lotion and sunscreen will be applied to finish your service, sunscreen & moisturizer are recommend for daily use post treatment.

Booty Beautification Treatment  $90/45 min

Add a Peel $40

This treatment is for those who'd like to have a smooth, soft, firm, even glowing back-side! Beginning with a cleansing of the Buttocks, to prepare for a microderm exfoliation treatment to even out bumps & smooth skin. Next, a cupping massage is performed to lift, plump and tighten skin. Lastly, a HydroJelly Mask is applied for ultimate skin hydraytion! 

Skin Lightening Treatment

Under Arms  $70/30 min

Bikini Line $70/30 min 

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

This Treatment will being with a cleansing of the area followed by a gentle Microdermabrasion Treatment. Next, a skin lightening peel will be applied to encourage skin lightening. Lastly, a moisturizer and skin lightening cream is applied to treated the area. This service is best done in a series to see lasting results, we recommend every 3 weeks until desired lightening has occurred. *This service is best performed on bare skin. We can not perform this service on the same day as waxing on these areas. 

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