Brazilian Zone Treatment $90|80* Up-Keep/45 min

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

Perfect the look of your Bikini Line with the Brazilian Zone Treatment! Your Treatment begins with a Brazilian Wax, followed by an Exfoliating Glycolic Toner. Ingrown hairs will then be removed by extraction, followed by the anti bacterial High Frequency Treatment to reduce any lasting inflammation to rid the follicles of any bacteria. Brightening & anti bacterial lotions are then applied to reduce the future ingrown hairs. 

Back Beautification Treatment $100/45 min

Add a Peel $40

This Treatment can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and break outs- almost anywhere on the body! Your back will skin be thoroughly cleansed, then a full-back Microdermabrasion will be performed to smooth and polish skin. Next, a purifying clay mask, and a cupping massage is performed to tone & tighten. A hydrating lotion and sunscreen will be applied to finish your service, sunscreen & moisturizer are recommend for daily use post treatment.

Booty Beautification Treatment  $95/45 min

Add a Peel $40

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

This Treatment is for those who'd like to have a smooth, soft, firm, even glowing back-side! Beginning with a cleansing of the Buttocks, to prepare for a microderm exfoliation treatment to even out bumps & smooth skin. Next, a cupping massage is performed to lift, plump and tighten skin. Lastly, a tightening clay Mask is applied for ultimate skin tightening! 

Skin Lightening Treatment

Under Arms  $70/30 min

Bikini Line $70/30 min 

Add a HydroJelly Mask $30

This Treatment will being with a cleansing of the area followed by a gentle Microdermabrasion Treatment. Next, a skin lightening peel will be applied to encourage skin lightening. Lastly, a moisturizer and skin lightening cream is applied to treated the area. This service is best done in a series to see lasting results, we recommend every 3 weeks until desired lightening has occurred. *This service is best performed on bare skin. We can not perform this service on the same day as waxing on these areas. 

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