Need to know's before your appointment.

  1. Be prepared to have your temperature taken at arrival, anyone with a temperature over 99.5F will have their appointment canceled. 

  2. Only 5 Clients allowed in the spa at a time, no waiting in the lobby is permitted. 

  3. Please arrive on time for your appointment, and call us upon your arrival. 

  4. Please keep conversations to a minimum during your treatment if you are not wearing a mask.   

  5. Please store your face mask while not in use during treatment. And place any clothes removed into a bag you provide. 

  6. Please put your face mask back on when services are finished and before returning into common areas.

  7. For Massage services, we are asking clients to wear their while laying face up. 

  8. Steam may not be used in Facials, at the Techs Discretion.



   Client Screening Questionnaire (Filled out on Arrival)

  If you can answer yes to any of the bullet points below you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.                     

  • Have you traveled off island in the past 14 days?

  • Do you feel unwell today, fever, coughing, sneezing, or runny nose?

  • Have you been around anyone with COVID-19 symptoms?


Island Skin Spa "Plan of Action in Response to Covid- 19"

For Island Skin Spa, Inc (Establishment Type: Beauty Salon & Therapeutic Massage Establishment) 

285 Farenholt Ave, Tamuning, Guam 96913 (671) 989-7546

Public Health has always been, and will continue to be our top priority while serving our clients. By following all-ready set in place Rules and Regulations set forth by the Guam Department of Public Health for Beauty Shops & Schools and the Practice of Cosmetology, as well as the sanitary & disinfection guidelines set by the NIC, the Accreditation Board of Cosmetology recognized by the United States of America and implementing the following measures, will secure the safety of the public while in our Establishment. We are also closely following the reopening guidelines from the CDC and other States as Restrictions are lifted or eased to provide current, safe, treatments.


Prior to Reopening Preparedness

Island Skin Spa has done the following to prepare for Reopening;

  • Discarded any reading material that may have been touched prior to closing.

  • Wiped down all soft surfaces, followed by vacuuming them.

  • Disinfected all hard surfaces, such as work stations, reception desk, computer key board, telephones.

  • Wiped down all walls with soap and water.

  • Thoroughly cleaned bathrooms with bleach.

  • All  AC’s cleaned by HydroKleen Guam

  • All linens laundered & stored in sealed receptacles.

  • Placed signage on Entrance Door to mandate Face Coverings by Customers prior to entry, as well as hand washing stations available at all times.

  • Posts will be made on our social media sites to inform on practices they can do to keep themselves safer, like bringing their own pen to sign their receipt at checkout. And discouraging others (Friends/family) to come to their appointment.

  • We will be sending out a mass email to all of our clients informing them of the precautions we are taking to keep them safe.

  • Cleaned, Sanitized, & Stored implements and placed in covered containers.

  • Wiped down all equipment used in the Treatment rooms with Barbicide Spray.

  • Ceilings & Ceiling fans cleaned of any dust.

Safety Procedures During Operation

Safety practices throughout the day will continue to keep the public safe, we are implanting the following measures.

  • Operate at 25% capacity per DPHSS Guidance Memo 2020-39

  • All Technicians have taken the Barbicide Exam.

  • Appointments only, we will not accept walk in clients, unless we are able to take them while following social distancing.

  • We will not allow people in our waiting area that does not allow for Social Distancing.

  • All clients are screened upon arrival, by temperature check and asked to sanitize

  • All Services are provided in private rooms, improving social distancing.

  • All Staff & Technicians have been provided with proper PPE to perform their job, such as gloves, face masks, face shields, & protective coverings for their clothes.

  • At the start of each day, we will be requiring employees to check their temperature using a infrared thermometer.

  • Any client who is displaying signs of being sick; coughing, sneezing, will kindly be asked to reschedule their appointment.

  • Hand Hygiene: Each Technician will be required to wash their hands using hot water & soap for 30 seconds before & after servicing a client, also after eating, smoking, or using the restroom.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at Reception for Clients, although they will be required to wash their hands upon entering the facility.

  • Any item, implement, or linen, that touches any guest will be cleaned, disinfected or sanitized before the next use.

  • All non-porous implements will be fully submerged in a daily prepared Barbicide solution of ¼ cup Barbicide to 4 cups of water for a minimum of 10 minutes.

  • Barbicide will be changed out daily, or as needed sooner.

  • All disposable items that can only be used once on each client, such as cotton, wax sticks, paper bed coverings, will be disposed of properly into their own covered trash receptacle.

  • Hard surfaces will be wiped down between clients with barbicide spray, clorox wipes, or alcohol.

  • Entrance Door, treatment room door knobs, bathrooms knobs & levers will be cleaned every hour.

  • Product bottles wiped down between clients.


Safety Procedures for the End of Day

  • All hard surfaces wiped down with disinfectant.

  • Clean & Disinfect all appliances used.

  • Wipe down all product bottles.

  • All floors swept & mopped

  • All bathrooms cleaned & sanitized.

  • Employees will be required to launder all clothes at the end each day, no reused clothing or smocks.

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