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Massage add-ons

Add-on to your 30/60/ or 90-minute Massages! 
Abdominal Massage $25/10min

This massage is known to help with detox, digestion, and sluggish bowels. 

Hot Stones $25/15min 

Feel tension melt away with a soothing Hot Stone Massage Treatment. 

Cooling Hemp Cream $15

Soothing hemp-infused cream, that has a cooling effect and soothes tight muscles. 
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage
$80/60min $120/90min

A full-body relaxing massage that uses long gliding strokes for relaxation. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.
Sports Equipment
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue $145/90min

A massage focusing on connective tissue and fascia. After a full body massage with the addition of a cooling hemp cream, special tools and a massage gun are used to release tight areas of muscles and tissues, blood flow and heat is created, helping to rid the body of toxins, especially in areas that have cellulite. A great massage for those with a healthy lifestyle, including diet & exercise, a complementary service to improve body appearance. *Due to the nature of the massage, temporary bruising may occur. If you are prone to bruising please use caution. 
Relax Massage

Melt away tension with a soothing Swedish Massage, accompanied by a refreshing Back Scrub & Scalp Massage Treatment with Rosemary Oil. Lastly, warm stones will be glided over the body as a finishing touch to ease tension. 

  • Upgrade to Deep Tissue + $15

  • *no discounts available

Deep Tissue Massage
$95/60min $135/90min

A more therapeutic, deeper pressure massage. Concentrating on areas of muscle strain and fatigue. Often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, and are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes or fatigue from overworking.

Sports massage on leg
Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

A deep stimulating massage, pressure points are manipulated using thumbs, knuckles, elbows, and forearms by the therapist. Shiatsu may feel tender but it should not hurt, this tenderness as "good pain." Let your massage therapist know if you feel discomfort or pain during your massage. They can adjust the pressure to make the massage more comfortable for you. 

Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage for expecting mothers alleviates tension & fatigue due to pregnancy. Massage will be performed with clients laying on their sides with supportive belly pillows. Feet are normally avoided during this massage, to avoid trigger points. Intended for the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.
***Not recommended for women in their 1st trimester.***

Ultimate Body Detox

Enjoy a 60-minute Swedish Massage, accompanied by a refreshing aromatherapy Back Scrub, Scalp Massage, and Infrared Sauna Wrap. Your service is completed with a cool aromatherapy towel wipe down & soothing lotion application. 

  • Upgrade to Deep Tissue + $15

Couples Massage
Price: Choose 2 Massages from this menu, there is no discount for Couples massage. 
Enjoy a relaxing massage with a friend or a loved one in our Massage Room for two!  
Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • (For Deep Tissue + $10)
It's common to carry stress in the neck & shoulders, ease tension with the Head, Neck & Shoulders massage when you need a little extra attention in these areas. 
Back Massage
  • (For Deep Tissue + $10/ add a Back Scrub + $20)
The back can be the most common area of pain, relieve muscle tension, stress, and promote overall wellness with this massage.
Lower Leg & Foot Massage
  • (For Deep Tissue + $10/ add a Lower Leg & Foot Scrub + $20)
Ease lower leg and foot tension with this massage, focusing on pressure points and releasing muscle tension in the lower legs & feet. 
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