Eyebrow $20/15min

Lip $10/15min

Chin $12/15min

Nostrils  $25/15min

Side Burns $12/15min

Neck $25/15min

Underarms $16/15min

Half Arms $40/15min

Full Arms $60/30min

Hands & Fingers $30

Stomach $30/30min

Bikini $35/30min

French Bikini $45/30min

Brazilian $60/30min

Brazilian Maintenance* $55/30min

* received within 6 weeks of last wax @ ISS*

Inner Thighs $25/15min

Buttocks Cheeks $30/15min

Bumkini $25/15min

Bumkini + Buttocks $45/30min

Half Leg Upper $45 / Lower $40/30min

Full Legs $75/45min

Feet & Toes $30/15min


  • Add a High Frequency Treatment to your wax $10

  • Add a Hydrojelly Mask to your Brazilian wax $25

Brazilian Zone Treatment $90/85*Up-Keep/45min

Perfect the look of your Bikini Line with the Brazilian Zone Treatment! This service is great for clients who have been waxing or shaving- Recommended for clients who get full Brazilian Waxes. Your Treatment begins with a Brazilian Wax, followed by the Exfoliating Glycolic Toner. Ingrown hairs will now be removed by extraction, followed by the anti bacterial High Frequency Treatment to reduce any lasting inflammation to rid the follicles of any bacteria. We then apply Brightening Lotions & an antibacterial Heal & Conceal cream. Featuring products from  wwww.ChaChaSkinSystem.com.

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